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Experience our Total Package Plus Wash for free when you text SHINE to 863-204-3467. Offer valid for first time customers and cannot be combined with any other offers. Message and data rates may apply. No purchase necessary.

What’s Included in Total Package Plus:

Unrivaled Formula

Advanced three-step
layering process

Ultimate Protection

Resistant to dirt and
environmental conditions

Longest Lasting Shine

Create a hydrophobic surface producing exceptional gloss
color depth

Ceramics X3

A durable shield with water repellency and lasting shine.

Fusion Bath

Break the bond of the most difficult surface contaminants with this specially-formulated low pH detergent.

Fusion Prime

Lift embedded road grime to prime painted surfaces for total adhesion of the Fusion Seal Paint Sealant.

Fusion Rinse

Infused into a waterfall rinse that flushes all grooves, crevices, cowlings, and behind mirrors.

Fusion Seal

Lock out dirt and protect painted surfaces with our patent-pending formula that chemically bonds to the surface.

Fusion Wax

Enhance the depth and quality of the shine you deliver your customer with our exclusive poly synthetic wax blended with genuine carnauba.

Fusion Rain Repel

Repel water and improve all-weather glass visibility with this hydrophobic spray application.

Wheel Brightener

High-pressure rim-blaster removes brake dust and grime to make your rims shine.

Carnauba Wax

The hardest wax known to man that provides natural water repellant and protection from harmful UV rays.

Tire Shine

Showroom tire shine.


3-minute express wash providing a superior clean.


16 heated dryers with oscillating nozzles.
Wheel Cleaner icon

Wheel Cleaner

Keep your wheels looking like new with a micro-coating technology that prevents unsightly brake dust buildup.
under carriage icon

Under Carriage

High-pressure undercarriage wash to blast away salt, dirt, and grime that cause erosion.

Triple Foam

Enhanced protection to bring out the shine and protect your finish.

Clear Coat

Protect paint from the sun.